Some Advice

Below are a few pointers that will help simplify your life as a computer user and keep you out of trouble. But if all else fails, here's my cell number 480-270-4009. See? You don't even have to click on my Contact Me page.

Use Chrome - not the "Blue E" - Are you still using Internet Explorer to surf the Internet? Chrome has many advantages over IE.

Transferring Photos - transferring photos from camera to computer.

Google's free Gmail. In the market for a new email account? It's also your "gateway drug" to all other free Google services.

AOL Software. AOL is to the Internet as training wheels are to bicycles. If haven't grown out of AOL yet, you risk never learning how to steer and balance on the internet - and with the rest of the world.

Outlook. Job security for the IT industry. Only use Outlook if it's mandatory as an employee at your workplace.

Buying a Dell Computer. Cheap and relatively low on branded pre-loaded software junk. Knowing the Hindi language helps when calling support.

Apple. Most loved by teens, CEO's and Hollywood. Top-notch quality, style and emotional appeal. Image is everything... who cares about the price!

Microsoft. Love Windows XP and Windows 7. Disappointed with Office 2007 and beyond. Playing catch-up to Google in many ways.

Google. Omniscient and omnipotent web search. Cloud computing forefront. Dominating mobile platform. Prediction: Sky-Net, Terminators and lots of Arnold Schwarzeneggers.

HP. Loads lots of branded pre-loaded software junk on new PCs. Printer software are a combo of overkill + bloatware.

Norton Security Software. Oh so bad (in a bad way).