gmail desktop shortcut

You want an special GMAIL icon on your desktop screen so that when you click on it, the gmail page automatically comes up in your browser window.

    • Right click on any blank space on your desktop screen

    • Choose NEW from the menu and click on Shortcut

    • For the "location" field type in, then click on NEXT button

    • For the "name" of the shortcut type in something appropriate...

      • Gmail

      • Email

      • Awesomeness

    • Click on Next button

    • An icon will now appear on your desktop screen that takes you to Gmail

    • Then download the below Gmail icon to your computer - right click on it and select "save image" or "save as" or similar...

    • You can save this file to your Documents or Pictures folder

    • Right-click on the gmail desktop shortcut icon that was created earlier

    • click on Properties

    • Go to "Web Document" tab and click on Change Icon button

    • Click BROWSE button and double-click on the gmail icon (above) that you downloaded

    • Click on OK button twice which should exit you out from all popup windows

    • Your desktop icon to Gmail should now look official!