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About Jason Lim

My first passion was the piano - not computers.

I started at age 6 and then regularly provided accompaniment for my junior high (McKemy) and high school (McClintock) orchestras. My first computer (1994) went to assist in notating my compositions.

"This is no temporary gig. Computers are all that I do - every day of every week."

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I also provided free beginner's computer classes every Thursday morning at 10am in Gilbert, AZ. Specific location and topics to be covered were found on my announcements page.

I have volunteered as a teacher's assistant for a beginner's computer course at the Red Mountain Multigenerational Center in Mesa.

I begain my Computer Science coursework at ASU (1997) in hopes to become a video game designer and programmer. I was CompTIA A+ certified as a computer tech by 1999. A job at Nintendo or Sega was no longer a goal.

As of year 2018, I have accumulated 14 consecutive years of on-the-job computer repair and service experience, performed on-site computer service for 11 straight years, and have been running Onsite One Solutions for 11 years.