Computer Service

Computer Service & Repair

"Up-front service rate, no hidden fees, satisfaction guaranteed."

All on-site and remote computer repair and service is billed at $80 per hour.

There are no trip fees and no pick-up or delivery fees valley-wide.

An A+ certified computer tech with years of on-the-job computer repair experience specializing in on-site service. In most cases you will have the same computer tech at each appointment building a history with you and who can be reached directly via phone, email, and text. If a computer issue is not fixed or a task must be re-done, there is no charge.

Fair & Convenient Billing

We understand the budget of families and home and small businesses. While on-site, we always round down on billable time. During remote service sessions, we do not charge for time waiting for lengthy computer scans or file transfers. Payment options include cash, check, and credit card.

Detailed Invoices & Client Web Portal

Your invoice will not be vague. You will not see simply "Repaired home laptop" or "Set up new computer". Most invoices describe point-by-point, in detail what tasks were performed during your service session. This also helps us maintain a clear service history with you and acts as a helpful reference for your tech during future service sessions. You also have access to your own client web portal, where you can view your past invoices, payments, and any pending invoices. This can be helpful during tax season.

The industry standard for an experienced, full-time, on-site computer technician is approximately $100 - $150 per hour. You can find a few techies who advertise on Craigslist for $50 per hour or less. More often than not, you are giving up professionalism, experience, and accountability for the lower rate.

"So what do I get for $80 per hour?"

Peace of Mind

Contact me if you already have an itemized list of tasks and would like and approximation of labor hours.

Upfront and straight-forward fee. Whether you need help on your laptop at home or on a workstation at the office, whether you need on-site service or prefer a remote support session, the hourly rate is $80.

Environmentally Conscious Service

All service invoices and credit card payments are prepared and emailed (not mailed) to save paper and resources. Use of my Prius (Toyota hybrid) reduces emissions and gas usage. Remote support sessions eliminate vehicle usage entirely. Access to your own client web portal eliminates the need to request mailed or faxed copies of past invoices, payments, etc.