Remote Service

• Addressing unknown pop up messages or notifications

• Removing spyware, malware, viruses, trojans, worms, etc.

• Installing, reinstalling, or removing software

• Reconfiguring wireless settings or security

• Configuring new or existing email accounts

• Cleaning/tuning up system during regular maintenance

• Transferring data between systems

• Provide computer training and tutoring

• Troubleshooting most software and hardware problems

... or many other tasks provided your system can connect to the internet.

Billing Method:

$80 per hour. Billed in 10-minutes increments. Minimum of 10 minutes per appointment. No hidden fees.

Using the latest remote control technology, I connect to your computer over the internet to service your system. I can view your computer display, move your mouse, and type just as if we were sitting right there.

Examples of Typical Remote Support Requests:


• Typically same-day availability

• Cost-effective for tasks that requires less than 1 hour

• Client is billed only for the time guru spends actively working*

• Guru can service your system without client being present**


• Computer system must be able to connect to the internet

** Computer system must have online access and client may need to spend 5-10 minutes with me via phone to install LogMeIn software if not already installed.

* Examples of time that is not billed: helping client install LogMeIn or waiting for the progress of a virus scan or a spyware scan or disk defragmentation.