On-Site Service

"I drive to your home or business valley-wide. No trip fees!"

Don't disconnect those cables! Most computer issues are more effectively

diagnosed and resolved while in their native environment.

Ideal Tasks for On-site Service

Boot up failures - no power, blue screen, reboot loops, login freeze-ups, etc.

External device issues - printers, scanner, faxes, camera, webcam, mouse, etc.

Internet networking issues - DSL & cable modems, routers, wifi adaptors, etc.

Video display issues - no picture, strange lines, strange colors, etc.

...and more!

Disadvantages of On-site Service

» You must be present to let your computer tech into your home or office.

» You are billed the entire time your computer tech is on-site. (see below)

Billable Time: This includes the time your computer tech waits for virus scans, software downloads, or software updates to complete. When possible, multi-tasking will be employed during these "idle" times. We do try to be fair and round down on time. An option to complete the service over a remote support session can also be provided to reduce service costs - so long as it does not impede the ability of your computer tech to get the job done RIGHT.

Details of On-site Service» Your computer tech drives to you!

» Service is billed in 15-minute increments.

» Minimum of 1-hour per on-site visit.

» If service is completed in less than 1 hour, your computer tech may provide tutoring to make use of the full hour.

» There is no charge for computer pick-up or re-delivery if it requires "in-lab" service.