Service Logs

October 27th, 2010: Fix MS Word Formatting

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I call this my Service Logs page. However, only a fraction of my daily service calls will ever be represented here.

It requires several conditions for a video to appear on this page:

    1. I must have my cellphone or digital camera at hand during a service session.

    2. I must actually remember to make a recording as the service session takes place. This item is the trickiest one for me.

    3. I must have the time to upload the video and post it on my Youtube account and then onto this page.

    4. If I'm on-site, client must not have a problem with having their computer on video.

Hope this gives you more insight on what I do, and what I have been doing for over a decade!


2010-10-26 Setup new PC, Wifi, and Printer

2010-10-25 Update Photo on Website

2010-10-22 Slow Qwest DSL Internet

2010-10-20 Video Downloading Software

2010-10-20 System Scan & Tune-Up

2010-10-19 On-site Setup New PCs

2010-10-18 Preliminary Laptop Setup

2010-10-08 Windows Boot-up Failure

2010-10-07 Virus Scareware Removal

2010-10-06 CyanogenMod6 Installation

2010-09-24 Website Work

2010-09-23 AOL Email Font Fix

2010-09-20 Power Supply Replacement

UPDATE 2011-08-26:

It's been a while since I've uploaded more videos... getting close to a year now. It's definitely due to Condition #3 above.

UPDATE 2011-10-06:

Yeap. Still no time to resume this awesome video service logs page. Stay tuned! Meanwhile just follow me on Facebook.

UPDATE 2012-02-02:

Ok. It's already February of 2012. Well, just follow me on Facebook.

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October 26th, 2010: Emergency Virus Removal

October 26th, 2010: Convert Email to Text Image

October 26th, 2010: Replace Router/DSL Modem