Just Service


The focus of Onsite One is service, not sales. I do not stock parts. If you need new hardware or software, I'll be happy to advise you on what product is a "good deal", then point you to your favorite local or online retailer.

The reason - for small computer service firms (like mine), making profits via hardware and software sales typically requires alliances (eg. BestBuy, HP, Norton, Microsoft) in the form of reseller or partnership agreements. Service firms that make this move inevitably turn biased (knowingly or not) toward their allegiances in order to maximize kickbacks. In this situation the client loses as the service provider's recommendations to the client lose objectivity.

We do not strike deals with any hardware or software vendors. If you need to purchase hardware/software, we recommend a particular brand based on functionality, cost and merit - not on any existing partnership we might have (which we don't) with the product's manufacturer.

The majority of our clients are families and small businesses on a budget, so I take it a step further and tend to recommend free options first when it comes to software, and highest functionality-to-cost ratio for computers, gadgets and other hardware. A few examples:

Microsoft Security Essentials (free) instead of Norton Security software ($40-$60 per year)

Gmail or Google Account (free) instead of Microsoft Office ($200 - $600)

OpenOffice (free) instead of Microsoft Office ($200 - $600)

CutePDF Printer (free) instead of Adobe Acrobat Pro ($200)

Laptop ($500) instead of Macbook ($1000)

Desktop PC ($500) instead of iMac/Mac Pro ($1100/$2500)

Android tablets ($150 - $200) instead of iPad mini ($330) or iPad ($499)

Of course, the low cost alternatives must at least meet (and sometimes do exceed) the same functionality of the higher cost product. Unless you tell me cost is no issue or you have a large budget, I do not recommend items that I view are "luxury" or designer electronics or software that is overkill for your purposes.

Computer service is our core. When considering hardware and software, the top brand this year may not be the top next year. Even though retail agreements with manufacturers is a way service providers can make a couple extra bucks, the tactic is typically not advantageous to the client. Thus we do not sell/stock hardware or software.