remove ads

Remove ads when viewing email. When viewing the contents of an email message, toward the right side there is a column that displays several ads. Unlike other free email providers, at least the ads in Gmail are all text, and not tacky image banners or animations. Here is how to do remove the ads in Gmail:

  • If you use Chrome as your Internet browser

      • Install the extension called Better Gmail into your Chrome browser.

      • After the install, you will see the Better Gmail Options page.

      • Ensure the top-most box is checked, "Remove Ads. Fix Page width. Reposition print button."

      • Click on the SAVE button near the bottom, and close out from that tab.

      • Refresh your gmail page if it was already opened.

      • Now you have more horizontal space for viewing your messages!

  • If you use Internet Explorer as your browser

      • Too bad. You're left out.

      • Please refer to - this page.