Set up your PC for remote access

    1. Print out this page as your reference sheet

    2. Click on the following link: LogMeIn download page

    3. On the web page, enter a description of your computer:

    4. Please enter your first name, last name, whether your PC is a desktop or laptop, and then your operating system.

    5. Example: Jacky Chan Laptop Windows 7

    6. Example: Jet Li Desktop Windows XP

    7. Example: Bruce Lee laptop Mac

    8. Click on the checkbox, "I have received this link from a trusted source".

    9. Click on CONTINUE button

    10. On the following page, click on the blue "Install Logmein" button

    11. Choose to "Open" or "Run" the file.

    12. If your computer wants to "Save" the file, choose an easy-to-find-later location. For Windows computers, the downloaded file is called "LogMeIn.msi". Run/open this file when the download completes.

    13. A small LogMeIn setup window will appear, with a NEXT and a CANCEL button at the bottom right. Click on the NEXT button.

    14. On the account holder screen, click on NEXT button.

    15. Click the "I Agree" button on the Licensing Agreement/Terms and Conditions screen.

    16. Choose TYPICAL (and not Custom) at the Software Options screen, then click NEXT button.

    17. If prompted to create an Access Code, make one up and enter it in both fields. Then click on the NEXT button. Write down and save this access code!

    18. On the Choose Destination Location screen click the NEXT button.

    19. If your computer screen dims and asks if "you want to allow the following program..." click on the YES button to allow it.

    20. Wait for the installation to complete - your computer screen may flicker for a moment.

    21. You will see the "Setup Complete" window. Click on the FINISH button.

    22. At this point, contact your technician who will then remote access your PC.