Computer Club Meet #2 Summary

Post date: Mar 20, 2012 4:45:1 AM

We had a very productive meet last week. As usual, we had the projector going on the wall, as everyone followed along with their laptops - or on the spare laptops I provided for those who didn't have one. =)

Meet Date: Thursday, March 15th 2012 - 10am - 12 noon

Location: Gina Johnson's home in Gilbert

A special Thank You to Gina for letting us use her beautiful big home! Attendees were able to use the wireless connection there to access the internet. Gina Johnson is a long-time client of mine and the founder of Sharing Down Syndrome AZ. She is a miracle worker, and as you can see loves helping others.

Topics Covered during Meeting #2:

    • Working with the Windows "task bar" and how program windows are represented there

    • Understanding "minimizing, maximizing, and restoring" program windows

    • The top three web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome

    • Ensured everyone had the Chrome browser installed on their laptops

    • Instructed basic concepts centered upon Chrome browser

      • Working with Chrome browser tabs

        • Adding, deleting, and moving tabs

        • Opening links in current tab vs new tabs vs new window

        • Pulling tabs out of current browser window into its own window

        • Moving tabs between two separate browser windows

      • Working with Chrome bookmarks and the Bookmarks Bar

        • Revealing the Bookmarks Bar

        • Saving a webpage as a bookmark

        • Adding, deleting and moving bookmarks within the Bookmarks Bar

        • Creating folders within Bookmarks Bar to manage collection of bookmark

    • More efficient ways to browse the internet

      • Opening links in its own tabs via right-click or via middle scroll wheel button

      • Quickly browsing through lists of results/articles/ads links via separate tabs

    • General discussion over iPad, Apple computers, cheap laptops, and Chrome syncing