drive to your home or place of business. No trip charge ever. If I need to take your system to our lab for service, there is no charge for the trip to and back. 

Examples of Typical Onsite Support Requests:

• Setting up a new desktop system, laptop, printer, etc.
• Setting up a wireless or wired network or internet connection
• Installing memory upgrades in a desktop system or laptop
• Transferring data between systems
• Reinstalling the operating system (Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS, etc.)
• Replacing power supply units, hard drives, or other system hardware

... or any other task that requires a screwdriver, the disconnection of cables, or that the system be turned off.

Billing Method: 
$80 per hour. Billed in 15-minutes increments. Minimum of 1 hour per appointment. No hidden fees. 
• Guru can perform tasks that require screwdriver, drill, hammer, tape, etc.
• Have a real live guru inside your home or office
• Provide guru some water when thirsty
• Spend time chatting and getting to know your guru
• Save cost on stamps by handing payment to your guru before leaving

• Response time (24hrs - 48hrs) slower than Remote Support
 Rush fee of $40 for on site appointments within 24 hours
• Client is billed for 100% of time your guru is present at location*
• Client must be available to provide physical access to computer system

* This includes the time as your guru stares blankly at the computer monitor while waiting for the progress of virus or spyware scans.