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Below are computer repair and service tasks that I have rendered to date. These tasks have all been personally performed by me (either on-site or via a remote control session) eversince I started my professional career as a computer tech since the year 1999.

If you need help with a computer repair or service or website task that is not listed below, contact me. In most cases I can help with your issue. If not, I can refer you to someone who can.
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Android & Gmail Optimization Optimize your Android smartphone and Gmail account for highest degree of cable-free synchronization with existing personal & business email accounts, contacts, calendar, Word/Excel/PDF docs, tasks, voicemail, text messages, tasks, maps navigation, photos, videos, Twitter and Facebook. 
Android Smartphone Setup Setup and configure new Android smartphone for calls, text, web, email, Google accounts sync, contacts, calendar, photos, videos, etc. 
Boot-up Failure Troubleshoot error messages during Windows bootup or can't load to desktop screen.. 
Cellphone / Smartphone Setup Setup and optimize your new mobile phone for email, contacts, calendaring as well as other web or synchronization functions. 
Data Backup Setup Configure and automate an internal, external, or online storage system to backup your critical data or mirror-backup your entire system. 
Dentrix Setup / Troublshooting Setup and troubleshoot Dentrix software at your dental practice. Dentrix tech support for the most popular dentist office software. 
Dust Removal Removal of accumulated dust from within desktop or laptop system, preventing possible overheating or damage of components. 
Email Account Setup Creation of new email account with a free provider (i.e. Gmail, MSN, Yahoo) or ISP (ie. Cox, Qwest) or business email provider and configure with existing email program - if applicable. 
Email Failure Troubleshoot error messages or failure to perform any email related functions. 
Email Spam / Junk Removal Implement methods to eliminate or reduce incoming junk email. 
Hard Drive Installation Determine hard drive type that is compatible and install into desktop or laptop system. 
Internet Access Setup Configuration of dial-up, high-speed cable, DSL or satellite internet access modems and routers. 
iPad and Tablet setup Setup and configure iPad or other tablet slate devices for email, web, photos, videos, apps, online accounts sync, etc. 
iPhone Setup Setup and configure new iPhone for calls, text, web, email, apps, iTunes sync, photos, videos, photos, etc. 
Memory (RAM) Installation Determine memory type that is compatible and install into desktop or laptop system. 
New System Setup Un-box and hook-up new desktop or laptop, remove trial and junk pre-loaded software. 
Outlook Errors Troubleshoot error messages preventing Outlook to function normally. 
Password Reset / Forgotten Assist with regaining access to a locked out account due to forgotten password or security breach. 
Power On Failure Troubleshoot system or monitor failure to turn on or display power-on lights. 
Power Supply Replacement The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is a common replacement. Your system will fail to power on or randomly shut down with a worn out or failing PSU. 
Printer Installation Un-box, hook-up, and installation of USB-connected, networked, wireless, or multi-function printers. 
Printer Sharing Configure USB-connected, network, or wifi printer to be accessible from any or all systems on a network. 
Printing Failure Troubleshoot error messages or failure to print or perform other related functions. 
Scanning Failure Troubleshoot error messages or failure to scan or perform other related functions. 
Speed-up / Tune-up Clean up and optimize system to restore peak performance. Identify any hardware upgrades to boost speed. 
Virus Removal Assess level of infection, download and/or install necessary tools for clean-up, remove infection via system scans, ensure system security is updated. 
Website Blog Setup Create blog website per client specifications on top of existing, free online template accounts or from scratch. 
Website Design & Creation Create website per client specifications, ranging from 1-page basic "brochure" style, to complex shopping carts and integrated database interactivity. 
Website Domain Registration Provide customized domain for your business to house a new website like "" and to obtain custom email accounts like "". 
Website Hosting Provide online storage space and back-end functions needed to house your website with your new business domain. 
Website Updates & Maintenance Perform regular site content updates or implement upgrades to existing design and layout. 
Wireless Failure Troubleshoot problems with connecting to a home or business wireless signal or hotspot. 
Wireless Internet Access Determine cost-effective method of internet access for system at remote locations, including wifi cards, mifi hubs/routers, smartphone tethering, and hotspots. 
Wireless Router Setup Un-box and install new wireless router, configure wireless security, configure existing computers and printers for new wireless and security settings. 
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